An Unlimited Force Awakens

An Unlimited Force Awakens

Hello, and welcome to Deploy Your Leader Gaming! I'm Brian, and I previously hosted a podcast called Jank It Up, Fuzzball, which was all about the card and dice game Star Wars Destiny. 

Four years after that game's 2020 demise, a new TCG from Fantasy Flight Games is set to take flight on March 8, 2024. This website is dedicated solely to that new game – Star Wars: Unlimited


My vision for the site is for it to provide two things. First, it's a storefront that offers sealed product, singles, and accessories for all of your Star Wars: Unlimited needs. Second, this site will also host exclusive content from some of our favorite SWU content creators. Right now, for instance, we've published a new article from Kevin of Roll On Gaming. Check it out under the Articles section. 

Under Construction

Please feel free to hop around the site, but understand it's very much under construction. Spark of Rebellion, the debut set of SWU, will have 252 cards, and I'm getting them uploaded just as fast as I can. (I currently have less than 100 up.) I'm also working on Filters and Searches, so please have some patience while the site gets polished up ahead of the game's release in March.

That said, I'd love your feedback on the site's usability. If something seems off or isn't functioning as you would expect, shoot me a message through the Contact Form on the About page, or you can reach out via Discord, where I'm Jank It Up Brian on the Star Wars: Unlimited Community server. 


Will There Be Pre-Orders?

My plan is to offer pre-orders on sealed product just as soon as I get confirmation on my numbers from the distributor. The best way to know when DYL Gaming is ready for pre-orders is to sign up for our newsletter. There's a handy link at the bottom of each page. 

The Countdown is On

That's the update! I'll be building out the socials for the site in the coming months as well. I appreciate you stopping by. March 8th will be here before we know it!




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