Five Twin Suns Pairings I Want to Try in Shadows of the Galaxy

Five Twin Suns Pairings I Want to Try in Shadows of the Galaxy

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What’s going on everyone! Shadows of the Galaxy is growing closer and closer, and before you know it will be upon us! I have been having a blast with Spark of Rebellion, and have been playing a ton of premier decks with almost every leader (cough, IG-88).

As I take a look back at the amount of time I have been spending in the game, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do more in the next set: Twin Suns. (For an explanation of this four-person Star Wars: Unlimited format, click here.)

Twin Suns is such a blast to play if you have a couple friends that are willing to strain their relationship and slap together a singleton deck (meaning you can only have one copy of each card) with two leaders that may or may not have some superb synergy.

In the next set, I really want to sit down and try to play more Twin Suns if I can, and I really want to give the following pairings a shot. I think that while they might not be the best, they can be a ton of fun! So take this with a grain of salt and let’s get into it.

Rey & Chewbacca w/ Aggression

This combo of Rey and Chewbacca, Walking Carpet (SOR 3) is focused on longevity and surviving anything that your opponents throw out at you.

For the early game, all your units come in with sentinel utilizing Chewbacca’s leader ability, and then some can even receive a quick buff with Rey’s ability should you have the resources remaining.

Easy unit examples that come to mind include the Wilderness Fighter (SOR 64) Green Squadron A-Wing (SOR 141), Sabine Wren, Explosives Artist (SOR 142), Red Three (SOR 144), Village Protectors (SHD 43), and Kuiil, I have Spoken (SHD 41).

Both leader abilities will let you fight your way through the trenches and avoid all of your opponent’s tricks, but deploying these leaders on resource turn 6 and 7 will help you climb back to sustainability.

On top of both of these units being complete restore machines, the fact that they share an aspect allows you to bring in Vigilance (SOR 58) at 4 cost as well as other double Vigilance aspect cards like Bendu, The One In The Middle (SOR 56) or Protector (SOR 57) (though Protector is probably redundant)

This is also definitely not me just trying to find a spot for Chewie to shine…again.

Lando Calrissian & Cassian Andor w/ ECL (Command)

So my initial idea here was to drop Lando Calrissian, With Impeccable Taste (SHD 17) with Han Solo, Audacious Smuggler (SOR 17) for thematic purposes, but I thought I might have a little bit of an issue with managing my hand. I don’t know at this very moment how many snuggle cards are going to be in Set 2, and with the Singleton format, I didn’t know if this would be a reliable combo. [Editor's note: it's actually smuggle cards, but Brian's having some fun here. Still, it's hard not to think of this guy, amiright?]

That being said, I then thought this could be a pretty good place for Cassian Andor, Dedicated to the Rebellion (SOR 13) to shine. Going through more of your deck via his leader ability – while being able to snuggle in however many cards you can from your resources – allows you to play more things and give you more options as the game unfolds.

Additionally, having Lando come out on four and Cassian on six is a good pacing to have your units get some much needed reinforcement to swing in for big damage.

Energy Conversion Lab (SOR 22) is a no brainer here to pick up on some more tempo and get yourself out of some tight binds. The card I most look forward to snuggling though is the Hotshot DL-44 Blaster (SHD 174). Some other cards I want to smuggle in using Lando’s ability are the Nite Owl Skirmisher (SHD 149), Privateer Crew (SHD 113), The new Millennium Falcon, Lando's Pride (SHD 204), and Zorii Bliss, Valiant Smuggler (SHD 203).

Though, admittedly, I don’t know how well someone like me can build the new Lando efficiently, I am confident someone can knock this combo out of the park!

Bossk & Boba Fett (SOR) w/ Vigilance 

I have been talking about Bossk, Hunting His Prey (SHD 10) since he has been revealed, so it comes as no surprise if you have been keeping up with our content that I would put him on this list. I really wanted to try him with all of the cool red and yellow bounties that have been released, but then I remembered how good Top Target (SHD 71) might be, which helped me decide on Capital City (SOR 20) for our base.

Obviously since we have Bossk paired with Boba Fett, Collecting the Bounty (SOR 15) – aka the Bounty Bros – we’re going to load up on bounties. Top Target, Guild Target (SHD 73), Rich Reward (SHD 261), Wanted (SHD 221), and Public Enemy (SHD 68) are all going to be included in this deck.

Additionally, Jango Fett, Renowned Bounty Hunter (SHD 138) can also join the fray as well as fellow bounty hunter Krrsantan, Muscle For Hire (SHD 139).

There are a ton of fun new mechanics that we can try here with all the new bounty hunters and bounties included, plus both of these leaders drop on 5 with some incredible stats! Come turn five you are going to be swinging for 8 alone with just leaders.

If you run this combo, don’t be surprised if the hunters quickly become the hunted with all the heat you are bringing to the fight!

Moff Gideon & IG-88 w/ Vigilance 

Before we even get into this one, I know, I know. What the heck is this silly droid doing here? Well hold that thought, because this is another deadly combo that drops together and can completely turn the tide of battle.

This is going to be a weenie deck, because ideally the focus here is to flood the board with small units that can be buffed with either leader, both before and after deployment.

As much as it pains me to admit it, IG-88, Ruthless Bounty Hunter (SOR 12) can be pretty strong when it comes to Twin Suns. If you can get him and Moff Gideon, Formidable Commander (SHD 7) to stick to the board after deployment, you are looking at a large portion of your units gaining +2/+0 with Overwhelm!

Obviously IG’s health is of large concern here, but if you can slap an upgrade on him to stop him from dying, the buffs that you are receiving can really clean up a board quickly. He even buffs Moff Gideon to 4/6 with overwhelm on attack, and since they drop together, that’s a whopping 9 damage to a base on just leader damage alone!

This is a good spot for units like the new Phase-III Dark Trooper (SHD 84), Kylo's TIE Silencer, Ruthlessly Efficient (SHD 135), and Punishing One, Dengar's Jumpmaster (SHD 137) to shine.

If you make it to the late game, Gideon's Light Cruiser, Dark Troopers' Station (SHD 242) could also provide some much needed support as well. My only advice for this one is to watch out for Rival’s Fall (SHD 79)

The Mandalorian & Bo-Katan Kryze w/ Vigilance

In reviewing this list, it turns out that I am just a sucker for leaders that deploy together. Here is another good pairing for a Mandalorian tribal deck, featuring Bo-Katan Kryze, Princess In Exile (SHD 12) and the Mando himself, aka The Mandalorian, Sworn to the Creed (SHD 18).

As FFG has been saying for some time now, the Mandalorian synergy is going to be quite strong this set. Yellow, Red, and Blue are all the colors within which that Mandalorian synergy lies, and I cannot wait to see how they all play together.

The Armorer, Survival Is Strength (SHD 47), The Mandalorian, Where I Go, He Goes (SHD 49), and the Razor Crest, Reliable Gunship (SHD 44) are some sustaining units in Vigilance alone that seem excellent together. And they all come out one resource after another!

More pieces of the puzzle include the Follower of the Way (SHD 56), Mandalorian Armor (SHD 73) (which can be used on your leaders as well!), Koska Reeves, Loyal Nite Owl (SHD 150), Ketsu Onyo, Old Friend (SHD 147), and of course the Irresistible Grogu (SHD 196). You could even start to capture things with the Mandalorian using The Mandalorian's Rifle (SHD 251).

I don’t know how much I am going to use Bo-Katan in premier, but I definitely think she will be a ton of fun in limited and Twin Suns.

[Editor's Note: Right after publishing, FFG debuted the almighty Darksaber (SHD 126) on stream. That legendary upgrade would obviously fit in any mandalorian deck you build, such as this one. May we all be lucky enough to pull one!]

Double the Fun

With this new set, the leader pool is doubling, and the Twin Suns possibilities feel truly unlimited. I cannot wait to see what people think up, and what kind of crazy combos people can pull off.

Friendships will be tested, and patience will be thinned, but fun will be had by all.

What combinations are you most interested in running? There are still leaders to be revealed, and I am so looking forward to finding new and exciting pairings to experiment with when the set drops in July!

May the force be with you!

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