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Star Wars: Unlimited Prime Game Mat - X-Wing

Star Wars: Unlimited Prime Game Mat - X-Wing

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This premium quality, full color printed, and officially licensed Star Wars: Unlimited Game Mat is a must-have accessory for every passionate gamer! Available in four premium-quality prints of iconic designs, it brings the exciting atmosphere of the Star Wars franchise right to the gaming table. The Game Mat enriches the game and perfectly complements every round played!

The softly cushioned playmat is 2mm thick and protects playing cards from rough or dirty surfaces. Each mat is outfitted with an ultrafine surface and an anti-slip back side that keeps it safely in place during gameplay. The fascinating design, the comfortable feel, and soft material are ideal for an upgraded gaming experience or a home desktop.

The Game Mat is perfect for all ethusiastic fans of the franchise as well as players of TCGs, LCGs and a vast variety of games alike.


  • Officially licensed product for Star Wars: Unlimited Game Mat with premium quality prints of iconic designs from the game
  • One Game Mat design features card and play zones (Death Star)
  • Perfect for all Star Wars fans: not only suits Star Wars: Unlimited, but a vast variety of games TCGs and LCGs as well
  • Provides safe environment for cards and accessories Softly cushioned playmat, 2 mm thick
  • Ultra-fine surface and comfortable feel
  • Anti-slip back side
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Measurements: 61 x 35 cm

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