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Star Wars: Unlimited Double Deck Pod - Red

Star Wars: Unlimited Double Deck Pod - Red

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The Double Deck Pod, an officially licensed premium deck box, is specifically designed for the needs of Star Wars: Unlimited players.

UNIQUE FEATURE: The Double Deck Pod includes 2 Slide Card Cases with additional UV protection for keeping the leader cards. Due to the innovative placement of that cards, the stored decks can be easily identified without opening the box. The Slide Card Cases can also be detached and used during gameplay, making the Double Deck Pod the perfect 2-player-solution.

The Double Deck Pod is perfectly sized to hold 2 decks of 60 double-sleeved cards. In addition, 2 base cards have their own designated pockets, thus being instantly ready for play. The 2 integrated drawers hold all necessary tokens and other accessories. The flap of the Double Deck Pod is equipped with our highly rated CONVERTIBLE system. Strong magnets keep the setup stable and close the box safely. 


  • Officially licensed premium Deck Box for Star War: Unlimited
  • Designed to hold up to 2 decks of 60 double-sleeved cards
  • UNIQUE FEATURE: box includes 2 Slide Card Cases with additional UV protection to keep the leaders safe
  • Identify the decks without opening the box thanks to the innovative leader slot
  • 2 Detachable Slide Card Case can be used during gameplay
  • 2 base cards are safely stored in additional designated pockets,
    always ready for play
  • Perfect 2-player-solution: deck and base on opposing sides
  • 2 Extra drawer for tokens and accessories
  • CONVERTIBLE system: detachable cover clips perfectly to the bottom saving precious space on the gaming table
  • Strong magnets for precise and secure closure
  • Easy removal of the deck down to the last card
  • Elegant hot-stamped logos on the outside and foil-embossed logos on the inside
  • Premium outer and inner materials (Hexafyber surface + soft microfiber inner lining)
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