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Star Wars: Unlimited Prime Game Mat XL - Hyperspace

Star Wars: Unlimited Prime Game Mat XL - Hyperspace

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This extra-large, premium quality, full color printed, and officially licensed Star Wars: Unlimited Game Mat XL is a must-have accessory for every fan of the game! With its high-quality print of the iconic hyperspace design, the Game Mat XL brings the exciting atmosphere of the franchise right to the gaming table!

Perfect for 2 players, this softly cushioned game mat comes with designated card and play zones and provides a safe, extra-large environment for cards and all accessories needed. Each mat is outfitted with an ultrafine surface as well as an anti-slip back side that keeps it safely in place during gameplay. It is 2 mm thick.

The fascinating design, the comfortable feel, and soft material are perfect for an upgraded gaming experience! The Game Mat XL is perfect for all enthusiastic Star Wars: Unlimited fans.


  • Officially licensed product for Star Wars: Unlimited
  • Game Mat XL with premium quality hyperspace design
  • Ideal for 2 players
  • Game mat design with card and play zones
  • Perfect for all Star WarsTM: Unlimited fans
  • Provides safe environment for cards and accessories
  • Softly cushioned playmat, 2 mm thick
  • Ultra-fine surface and comfortable feel
  • Anti-slip back side
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Measurements: 70 x 70 cm
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