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Star Wars: Unlimited Soft Crate - Mando/Moff Gideon

Star Wars: Unlimited Soft Crate - Mando/Moff Gideon

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Our Star Wars: Unlimited Soft Crate is the all-in-one casual solution for Star Wars: Unlimited players. This full color printed and officially licensed deck box is packed with ingenious features. It protects a full double-sleeved deck of cards and includes an innovative token box! This token box has a smart click-lock mechanism to keep all tokens safely stored – even while pulling it out. Once opened, the lid of the box stays upright for convenient access during gameplay.

The Soft Crate is equipped with Gamegenic’s very own Cobra Neck-Technology: the lid can be opened more than 180° for easy access. Additionally, it comes with a self-locking lid and write-on-strip. The separator inside ensures that the deck stays in place, even when the token box is not used. The Star Wars: Unlimited Soft Crate comes in 5 amazing designs and is a must-have for every Star Wars: Unlimited player and all fans of the franchise.


    Holds a complete 60 cards deck even double-sleeved and includes an additional box for accessories
  • UNIQUE: includes a token box with innovative locking-mechanism
  • Durable deck box with self-locking lid + write-on strip
  • Lid of the included token box stays open for convenient access during gameplay
  • Boxes with vibrant all-over high-quality print or iconic two-color tones
  • COBRA NECK-Technology: flap can be opened more than 180° for easy access
  • Strong welding points. Acid-free. No PVC.
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